Good reasons: How the EPLACE Account helps you save energy

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Overview: With the EPLACE Account, you can control your consumption

The EPLACE Account shows you how much energy you consume at a glance – whether it’s heating, electricity, water or your car. The Account manages your data, bills and meter readings digitally and presents them graphically, to understand and analysis easier. You can see how your energy consumption has developed over the past years – and how it will develop in the future. To achieve this, the Account provides you with clear and easy to understand charts and tables. This way, you can keep an eye on your consumption and take control of the costs. You see where you can save the most, and what kind of success your energy saving measures bring - because visible success is the best motivation to save even more energy.

Compare: Do you consume more energy than others?

Example graphics: This is how you can compare your energy consumption
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The EPLACE Account is the best and most efficient way to compare your energy consumption to others. The Account doesn’t compare your household with just any kind of data, but with data of similar households. This way, you find out quickly and easily where your particular flat or house stands in terms of energy efficiency, and this helps you with your next energy saving steps. And speaking of comparisons: Every year, the 70,000+ users of the EPLACE Account save twice the amount of energy in comparison to the national average – namely, 3% total savings on average. And at the end of the year, this can be seen in your bank account – because saving energy means saving money.

Save: Do you want to save money and energy?

The result: With the EPLACE Account, you save money and energy.

Be aware of your own consumption and analyze it - these are the first two steps for every energy consultation - and that's exactly what makes the EPLACE Account your perfect energy consultant. It shows you the changes in your consumption for all energy areas. This way, the Account helps you recognize exactly where and how much energy you could save. In other words: You will always make the right decisions with the EPLACE Account - with smaller energy saving measures at home, as well as with bigger modernization measures.

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